‘You’ve spoilt us’, shoppers rave over Aldi chocolate spread dupes as three new flavours hit shelves for £1.99

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SHOPPERS are raving over Aldi’s chocolate spread dupes after three new flavours hit the shelves for just £1.99.

The German-owned supermarket has pulled it out the bag once more for its sweet-toothed customers and many are now scrambling to their nearest store to fulfil their needs.

GettyAldi has sent shoppers wild with the release of three new chocolate spread dupes[/caption]

AldiThe Titan Spread looks and tastes like a Mars bar[/caption]

AldiThe Caramel Spread incorporates creamy milk chocolate, delicately swirled with luscious caramel[/caption]

AldiAldi’s Dairyfine Jive Spread boasts similarities to the popular Twix bar[/caption]

The trio of new Dairyfine Chocolate Spreads come in three creamy, cocoa-packed flavours — Titan, Jive and Chocolate Caramel.

All three represent three classic chocolate bars, too.

“Aldi’s Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Caramel Spread incorporates creamy milk chocolate, delicately swirled with luscious caramel,” an Aldi statement reads.

“Adding to the excitement, Dairyfine Jive Chocolate Spread offers Twix-like flavours in spreadable form, including smooth milk chocolate with caramel biscuit pieces.

“Lovers of the iconic Mars bar will appreciate Aldi’s Dairyfine Titan Chocolate Spread, made with creamy milk chocolate.”

The trio of spreads have also been described as “perfect” for slathering on your toast.

Even if you’re feeling greedy, all three are just as good when devoured straight from the jar.

Aldi’s new Dairyfine Chocolate Spreads are sold in 400g tubs and can be bought in store and online now.

Following the news, Aldi shoppers and chocolate lovers alike have hardly been able to contain their excitement.

The UKNewestFoods Instagram page uploaded an image of all three spreads on sale, prompting many to take to the comments section below.

“Oh Aldi you spoilt us,” gushed one person.

“I love a good dupe,” said another.

“These look lovely,” wrote a third.

Foodies have also rejoiced as Aldi gears up to launch four Subway sauce dupes.

They’re one of the best bits about getting a Subway for many people, so the German-owned supermarket is sure to enjoy success with its new launch of the popular eatery dupes.

Elsewhere, chocolate lovers have been sent into a frenzy after a savvy customer spotted a popular luxury chocolate treat in the UK’s biggest supermarket.

The ultra-rare Lindt chocolate flavour has been a hit with fans who previously found the sweet treat at B&M.

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